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Sede in Germania registrata nel 2008, qualità del servizio Certificata TÜV dal 2012!
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Sede in Germania registrata nel 2008, qualità del servizio Certificata TÜV dal 2012!
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Centro Informazioni Herrenstraße 14 D-76437 Rastatt

The Laser Treatment

Single steps for the laser treatment

The Laser Treatment Turkey

Please note that before and after the laser eye operation you should not wear makeup or take blood-thinning medication.
If you wear contact lenses, you should take them out beforehand. For soft lenses, this period is two weeks and for hard lenses, three weeks.

The computerized determination of your refractive error

Here is a topographic map of the corneal surface is made with the WaveScan technology. This differs in shape from person to person. Therefore, this method is also called the “customized Lasik”. This is then followed by an examination of the lacrimal fluid secretion.

The subjective determination of your refractive error

This process is certainly known to you by your optician. On examination, visual acuity and visual acuity are determined and made final measurements. It is carried out a study and measured biomicroscopic last but not the eye pressure. Possibly existing diseases such. As diabetes, hypothyroidism and hypertension are queried here.

The examination of the anterior and posterior segment

So that this examination can be carried out, your pupils are first expanded. This is not a complicated process; it will only instill a few eye drops. Please do not be frightened, it is possible that your eyes will burn for a few minutes. This however quickly fades. The examination of the rear section of the eye using a slit lamp microscope is carried out after 30 minutes of contact time. Here the retina, the optic nerve and the macula are examined. The examination of the front eye section focuses on the cornea, pupil and the lens.
Your individual treatment is customized according to the digital representations and the examination results – following a consultation with the doctor.

Lasik Operation

After your hair and your shoes have been covered with plastic caps and your anesthetic drops have been administered into the eyes, you may enter the laser room / operating theatre. You may lie down on the laser bed. Afterwards, your eye area is sterilized and fixed with a special device between the eyelids, so that the eye does not close reflexively during surgery. From this point, every patient receives their individual laser treatment, depending on the results of the preliminary examination. It is important that you remain calm during the treatment and follow the instructions of the operating doctor. If you are too excited, you may prefer to have a tranquilizer as a precaution, which you should request before the operation via the nurse or the doctor.

The treatment takes about 4 -5 minutes for each eye and is painless.

After the treatment, you can leave the operating room without wearing an eye bandage. You may rest for half an hour in an adjoining room before the surgeon re-examines. Then you may leave the clinic. Your eyes will be a little sensitive to light directly after the surgery. Therefore we recommend that you take a pair of sunglasses with very good UV protection. Please avoid driving on the same day, working and dusty environments and do not touch or rub the eyes at all.