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Sede in Germania registrata nel 2008, qualità del servizio Certificata TÜV dal 2012!
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Hair transplantation costs in Turkey

Hair transplantation costs – Turkey vs. Europe

Istanbul has become a centre for hair transplants. The costs are much lower than in Europe. What this is due to is shown here.

At the latest when the hair falls out, those affected ask themselves what can be done about it. Good advice is expensive. Drugs can help a little bit, but no matter whether it is genetic causes or hair loss due to an illness, the effect of drugs against hair loss remains relatively limited. Moreover, drugs can always have side effects that add to the psychological strain.

Hair transplantation in Turkey – why health tourism is booming

The only way out is often a hair transplant. In fact, a lot has happened in this area in recent years. Hair transplantation using the FUE (Follicular Unite Extraction) method has no side effects or other after-effects. In the FUE technique, so-called grafts (tufts of hair or individual hairs) are removed and transplanted elsewhere. But there is a catch to it first of all. Strictly speaking, there are two hooks: firstly, health insurance companies only contribute to the costs of a hair transplant in exceptional cases. Secondly, the costs for a hair transplant in Europe are quite expensive. This is why health tourism has been booming for years.Hair transplantation costs in Turkey

Why is hair transplantation in Turkey so cheap?

More and more patients are travelling for treatment to countries where the cost of hair transplants, dental treatment or other cosmetic surgery is much lower. As a result, Istanbul, for example, has become a metropolis when it comes to hair transplants. While in Europe you quickly have to pay a five-figure sum, a hair transplant in Turkey costs on average 1500 to 2500 euros. And that already includes hotel and transfer costs, sometimes even airfare. If one hears such high price differences, one naturally asks oneself: How can that be? Will there be any hidden costs if I book a treatment in Turkey? Does the service or maybe even the quality suffer? No. You get the highest standards of service and quality available for hair transplants.

The reason why hair transplantation in Istanbul costs so little in comparison is the lower cost of living in Turkey. This affects the prices of products and services. Cost of living is the expenditure necessary for daily life. These include housing, food, clothing and other everyday consumer spending. The information portal www.laenderdaten.info has determined that the cost of living in Turkey (2016) was 36.1 percent lower than in Europe.

How to find a reputable provider for hair transplantation

The low prices in Turkey are attracting more and more suppliers day by day. These want to get involved in the booming market for health tourism. Which leads to differences in quality. Therefore patients must pay attention to let the hair transplantation in Turkey with a respectable offerer accomplish. Before an offer is booked, interested parties should compare different offers. What kind of clinic is this? What reputation or qualifications do the doctors have? Are you operated exclusively by doctors or is the operation performed by alleged “specialists” who are helpers and nurses? Specialist means nothing more than not studied but learned by yourself. Have the doctors and the selected agency been examined and certified by the German TÜV? Because only what has been tested and monitored, they should rely on, because there are enough cheap providers on the market. And don’t just decide on the cheapest offer. Instead, have your hair transplant done where you believe that you are in the best hands – where you have the best feeling!