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Sede in Germania registrata nel 2008, qualità del servizio Certificata TÜV dal 2012!
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Sede in Germania registrata nel 2008, qualità del servizio Certificata TÜV dal 2012!
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Centro Informazioni Herrenstraße 14 D-76437 Rastatt

Hair transplant cost in Hungary

Located in the spa resort of Heviz, you will be treated by our experienced doctors. Our offer can be booked as a complete package including both the transfer and accommodation or you can travel by yourself and take the cheaper offer. You can find out more information about the Hair Transplant Clinic in Hungary

FUE Gold Technique
No transfer incl. 2 Night stay
FUE Gold Technique
incl. Transfer and 2 Night stay

Appointments for hair transplantation

Perhaps you do not want to travel to Istanbul because you live closer to Hungary or to Holland? This is your decision. Now you can go to Hungary, Tunisia or Amsterdam-Holland on the selected dates (See above). Outside of these dates, you can also book appointments daily in Istanbul-Turkey. In any case, please let us know in advance so that we can schedule you in the group accordingly.

What is very important!

The treatment is supervised by the highly qualified partner medical team from Istanbul under the management of Prof. Dr. Op. E. Ismail. A part of the medical team then travels to Heviz (Hungary) – Tunisia or Amsterdam; That means that you receive the same standards and quality as in Istanbul. You will be looked after in all hospitals, we do not leave you alone in these countries.

Hair transplant cost Frequently Asked Questions

Hungary has more to offer than Lake Balaton. For example highly qualified clinics and doctors for professional hair transplants. The hair clinics in Budapest convince with international top level and distinguish themselves with the latest techniques as well as internationally successful doctors. A professional intervention in the Hungarian capital Budapest is possible for patients at interesting conditions.

In Hungary, the salaries of healthcare workers are far below those of other European countries. Doctors' salaries are a fraction of the Western European salaries in Hungary. The cost of maintaining a clinic in Budapest is still much lower than in Vienna, Graz, Hamburg, Frankfurt or Zurich. Due to the favourable macroeconomic environment and the high quality medical education, there are also many financial and professional investors in the health sector in Hungary.

Private health investors think long-term. Therefore, they make sure that patients are treated at the highest medical level. The leading clinics invest heavily in innovation and research. Recently, it has become a typical phenomenon that many Hungarian doctors gain professional experience and capital abroad to establish their own high quality clinic in Budapest.

These clinics offer foreign patients a high medical standard and work with staff who have perfect language skills. However, thanks to the low fixed costs, the treatment costs are low, which accommodates foreign patients. In the last 30 years Hungary has been the centre of dental tourism in Europe and in the last 5 years Budapest has also become a leader in quality hair transplantation in Europe.